InterDrone LaunchPad Community Guidelines

Be Excellent to Each Other

As an organization and community, InterDrone is committed to providing an inclusive environment for everyone within the drone community. Please follow the community guidelines to help foster conversations that help move this industry forward. InterDrone reserves the right to remove anyone from the server it feels are violating these community guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Use welcoming and inclusive language and be respectful to differing viewpoints.
  • The use of violent threats, abusive, discriminatory, or derogatory language will not be tolerated.
  • The posting of sexually explicit or violent content is strictly prohibited.
  • Any form of public or private harassment will result in an immediate ban.
  • Any encouragement of the aforementioned behaviors will also lead to your removal from the server.

If you witness any violation of the above rules, please contact @InterDrone LaunchPad in a private chat to help resolve the issue.

Remember, never share information on the InterDrone LaunchPad server that you wouldn’t otherwise share in public.