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Christian Stallings

Christian, Certified Photogrammetrist, is a forward-thinking and inventive problem solver who has extensive knowledge of remote sensing collection requirements and how to tailor solutions to meet client needs. He holds a master’s in geographic information technology and a graduate certificate in remote sensing from Northwestern, and extensive instruction in advanced LiDAR data processing and advanced production workflow from Penn State. Christian was instrumental in the development of a successful aerial acquisitions department for a national surveying and mapping firm, and is responsible for overseeing LiDAR production operations. This includes training staff on all aspects of LiDAR flight operations, flight planning, calibration and production, and personally leading process improvements and quality assurance. Christian’s responsibilities include technical oversight and management of data acquisition and processing phases, as well as management of all QC processes associated with acquisition and production. Christian was instrumental in the development of McKim & Creeds unmanned systems program which has received the ACEC Grand Conceptor award in North Carolina and the ESRI Special Achievement in GIS award for their UAS projects and research.



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