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Christopher McCall



Chris McCall is the CEO at Fotokite, a Swiss-based company dedicated to delivering mission-critical situational awareness to firefighting and first responder teams. Chris has 12 years of experience in leading teams in unmanned aerial and ocean robotics in Switzerland and the US. Winner of 2018 GENIUS NY 1st Prize, 2017 euRobotics Tech Transfer, and 2015 Qualcomm European QPrize, Chis joined Fotokite in 2014 and works within the team of 30+ to deliver a new class of autonomous, persistent, vehicle-integrated UAS to Public Safety organizations. Prior to joining Fotokite, he worked as a Lead Development Engineer on autonomous vehicles and remote sensors at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He holds an MSc in Engineering Sciences and a BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of California San Diego.



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