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Jackie Dujmovic


Hover UAV

Jackie's vision is to be a solution provider and the critical link between emerging UAS technologies, individuals, schools, enterprises and governments. Jackie has a strong belief that drones will have a major impact on improving safety, the environment and saving lives across the world, not just in the future but now. As founder and CEO of Hover UAV an internationally recognised drone consultancy and system management company. Jackie herself has invented products now considered standard equipment to improve the safety of life. Jackie's strength lies in creating strong dialogue and procedures with regulators on a local, national and international level to ultimately implement revolutionary drone system integration to everyday life. Jackie has been recognised in both the UAS and business worlds. She was made a 2018 honoree as a woman to watch in the UAS industry for conservation, and finalist For Australian Association of Unmanned Systems 2019 leader and humanitarian company of the year.



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