Joe Morrison

Business Development - Imagery Analytics


Joe Morrison leads business development for projects related to imagery analysis and visualization at Azavea, a Philadelphia-based software firm that builds custom geospatial applications. In the past few years, he has had the chance to work with customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to international NGOs, to small startups using drone technology to tackle all kinds of fascinating problems. Prior to his current role, he worked on an open source software tool that helps cities across the U.S. map their street trees and calculate the total environmental benefit of urban forests. While he works on drone projects almost every day, the only time he actually attempted to fly a drone, he sent it careening into a tree…so now he leaves piloting to the professionals. To keep up to date on the latest trends in machine learning, drone tech, and his two indoor cats, you can follow him on Twitter at @mouthofmorrison.



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