Marc Langley


Airborne Works /

Marc has partnered with leading industry leaders like FLIR and Leica Geosystems Impossible Aerospace to provide custom UAV solutions for clients. He founded Advance Service LLC. 2000 providing advanced telemetry monitoring solutions for IVF laboratories across the country. Marc holds patents for IVF product design. He founded Airborne Works in early 2015 holds Title 14 CFR Part 107 commercial drone certificate from the FAA. Closely supports Public safety agencies nationwide with UAV technology. Airborne Works has been called on high profile mapping and modeling projects for aerial and ground-based lidar deliverables including insurance, archaeology and surveying interest. He has Partnered with industry professionals within the GIS and surveying industries. October of 2018 he founded the “National Public Safety Drone Donation program” to provide free Drones to underfunded public safety agencies across the country. To help put “eyes in the sky for every department in need.



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