Mike Sobola

Managing Partner

Mid-Atlantic Drones, LLC

Mike Sobola is a Private Pilot who combines his years of experience as a TV and Video Producer with his love for flying to bring a unique approach to his aerial imaging projects. Methodical planning and collaboration ensures that each mission achieves its ultimate objectives. First-hand skill and familiarity flying major construction sites gives him the skill and proficiency to capture aerial data and images safely and efficiently.Flight experience includes Hexacopters, quads, fixed gear and retractable platforms in single-pilot and dual-operator configurations. He has more than 500 hours flight experience over multiple platforms including the Freely Alta Hexacopter, the Inspire I Pro, the Phantom RTK, the Phantom 4 Pro, the Yuneec H520 and the Phantom 3 Pro. He is certified for night drone operations and has flown multiple drone missions in the DC Flight Restricted Zone or “FRZ”



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