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Rob Knochenhauer


Protocol UAS

In the past four years, I’ve been on the leading edge of developing a pathway to integrate UAS operations into the National Airspace System (first under a 333 exemption and now under 14 CFR 107). At GreenSight, I led the development of the UAS operational scheme wherein unmanned aircraft (drones) are run at customer locations with a 107 certificated remote pilot (RP) on site who maintains VLOS with the drone while it flies. While the drone is flying, the operation is overwatched by another 107 certificated RP in GreenSight’s Boston office and that person ensures that the drone is functioning properly and if something unexpected occurs, our RP is in direct communication with the on-site remote pilot to quickly and safely recover the drone. This redundant operation scheme has been conducted in support of GreenSight’s ultimate goal to run unattended drone operations. In pursuit of that goal, I authored the successful BVLOS waiver requests (107W-2017-03655A & B) where the Remote Pilot in Command is in GreenSight’s office in Boston while the drone’s are operated at customer locations across the US. In addition to the BVLOS waivers, I have secured 50+ airspace authorizations (FAA) & SFOC's (Transport Canada) including the first SFOC issued to a corporation under Transport Canada’s new drone operating rules that went into effect on June 1, 2019. Currently, I support GreenSight’s regulatory pursuits (complex operational waivers under Part 107), aid the development of other UAS/RPAS operations through Protocol UAS and work with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Aeronautics Division. With MassDOT, I am leading the effort to help the Commonwealth secure advanced operational waivers (we were issued our first BVLOS waiver [107W-2019-03791] in November 2019) for the emerging drone program in the state.



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