Toby Kraft



Tobias Kraft is the founder and CEO of SolSpec, an aerial analytics company delivering asset management tools for the oil and gas industry. With deep roots in natural resource management, Toby cut his teeth as a GIS technician for the National Parks Service in 2011 and hasn’t stopped pushing the boundaries of innovation in spatial decision support since. In 2015, Toby joined environmental consulting firm Duraroot and quickly discovered customers had an immense need for precise geospatial data and intelligence to help solve problems before they become problems. SolSpec emerged from this need, blending machine learning and best-in-class environmental consulting to facilitate actionable insights on large-scale land use projects. With expertise in UAS program development and proficiency in ESRI ArcMap, ArcGIS and open source technology, as well as expertise in regulatory compliance mapping for storm water permitting, spill hazard assessment, vegetative coverer and monitoring, Toby helps his clients with interests in oil and gas pipeline construction, mining and land reclamation to learn, develop and optimize the use of UAS and geospatial technology.



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