Tony Sauerbrey

Tony is currently working as the UAS program Manager at Northwestern College where he oversees the training of college students and industry professionals on the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems. NMC teaches a variety of UAS courses and focuses their training on application based training such as agriculture, land survey, and inspection work. Tony began his career by obtaining an Aeronautics degree from the University of North Dakota. In 2006, he accepted a position at Northwestern Michigan College where he acted as the Chief Flight Instructor overseeing traditional manned aviation training. Foreseeing the growth in the UAS Industry, he began the UAS training program at NMC in 2009.  At that time, he also began working with two other colleagues to form the Aetos Group, a UAS inspection company working in the oil and gas industry. While with Aetos, he worked with companies such as Exxon, Dow Chemical, Shell, Phillips 66 and others to provide asset and infrastructure inspections utilizing a variety of UAS platforms.  In 2015, the company was acquired by Mistras Group, a large industrial inspection firm and continues to grow and have success in the industry. Tony retuned to NMC this past January to continue to develop the UAS program and develop industry training partners.



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