Tulinda Larsen

Founder and CEO

SkyLark Services

Dr. Tulinda Larsen, CEO & Founder Skylark Services, LLC, is a private pilot and Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command. She pivoted from traditional aviation in 2016 to create dba Skylark Drone Research to address issues in the emerging commercial Drone markets. She is active member Women and Drones and in AUVSI, where she served at the Chair of the Trusted Operator Program Agriculture and Environment Working Group. Dr. Larsen is an advocate for agricultural aerial remote sensing standards. Her clients in the drone market include Deseret UAS, a Utah public-private partnership to promote unmanned aircraft systems; NEXA Advisors, where she provides economic consulting services related to drones; and NASA, as a subcontractor to Crown Consulting for the NASA UAM Market Study.



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